My first steps on the tatami, my crowning achievement at the Beijing Olympics, and my successful transition to a career in tourism and politics have shaped a diverse and rich trajectory. I share my experiences of self-transcendence, dealing with failure, and the pursuit of excellence.

I am fluent in French, German, and English.

I would be delighted to contribute to your next event and share inspiring perspectives.



Each presentation is inspired by my own experience and enriched by the application of judo principles in daily life.


Develop your individual and collective potential for full and complete realization.


Cultivate lasting motivation with tips to nurture a motivating corporate culture or foster the achievement of personal aspirations.


Explore the art of self-transcendence, a discipline honed on the tatamis and applied daily to overcome obstacles and transcend your limits.

Failure Management

Demystify failure through my personal experiences, share approaches to draw constructive lessons from it, and evolve positively.


Guide through practical strategies to strengthen your resilience and learn to transform difficult moments into sources of innovation.

Types of Intervention


Company Workshops

Event Moderator

Coach / Motivational Speaker

Building Yourself Through Failure

My first book co-authored with Bernard Wirz, author of numerous philosophical works and martial arts expert.

This book explores the theme of self-construction through life’s trials and setbacks. Personally, it is facing failures that I have drawn the strength to become the person I am today.

Se construire par l’échec, Published by Slatkine Editions, released on October 6, 2023.


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