Sergei Aschwanden

PLR Member of the Vaud Cantonal Parliament

General Director, Tourist Association of the Porte des Alpes

Coach & Motivational Speaker

Candidate for the presidency of Swiss Olympic


For an ambitious, open, entrepreneurial, and sporty Canton.



Why I’m Engaged


I am 47 years old, living in Jouxtens-Mézery with my wife and our four children. I speak three national languages and have been a member of the PLR party in the Vaud Cantonal Parliament since 2017. Currently, I am the General Director of the Association Touristique Porte des Alpes. Previously, I was a professional judoka and an Olympic medalist.

In this time of crisis, my aspiration for a dynamic, sporty, and open canton of Vaud is stronger than ever. I am committed, driven by clear priorities: promoting a sports policy beneficial for health and cohesion, strengthening our education system to better prepare for the future, placing the family at the heart of our society, and envisioning an innovative and sustainable future for tourism and the mountains.

I look forward to engaging in discussions with you on these topics.

Candidate for the presidency of Swiss Olympic

The Swiss Judo and Ju-Jitsu Federation, with the support of 9 other federations, recommends Sergei Aschwanden as a candidate for the presidency of Swiss Olympic.

The current member of the Swiss Olympic committee and former Olympic medalist has demonstrated his competence and motivation for the development of Swiss sport for many years.

His abilities in national and international sports, his knowledge of economics and politics, as well as his remarkable personality, make him the ideal candidate to tackle the challenges of Swiss sport in the coming years.

Press release in German / Press release in French / Press release in English

My Priorities


For an ambitious sports policy in the Canton of Vaud, for a healthy Canton.

Tourism & Hospitality

For a Canton that shapes the future of tourism with determination.


For a Canton that values apprenticeship, for a secure future for our youth.

1% Initiative for Sport = 100% for Well-being

I am the president of the initiative committee. Managed and overseen on a voluntary basis in the canton by over 20,000 committee members, coaches, and referees, sports is a very significant phenomenon and social cornerstone. Today, with approximately 8.5 million francs per year, sports and physical activity account for less than 0.1% of the annual Vaudois cantonal budget! We aim for this share to increase to 1%. This initiative, which has gathered 24,000 signatures, will be put to a popular vote.


Villars-Gryon – Les Diablerets – Bex

PLR Deputy – Lausanne/Romanel District

Member Executive Committee

President of the Parliamentary Group of the Grand Council of the ARH

Building Yourself Through Failure

My first book co-authored with Bernard Wirz, author of numerous philosophical works and martial arts expert.

This book explores the theme of self-construction through life’s trials and setbacks. Personally, it is facing failures that I have drawn the strength to become the person I am today.

Se construire par l’échec, Published by Slatkine Editions, released on October 6, 2023.


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