FDP Deputy in the Grand Council of Vaud.

For an ambitious, open, entrepreneurial, and sporty Canton.


My Priorities


For an ambitious sports policy in the Canton of Vaud, for a healthy Canton.

Tourism & Hospitality

For a Canton that shapes the future of tourism with determination.


For a Canton that values apprenticeship, for a secure future for our youth.

1% Initiative for Sport = 100% for Well-being

I am the president of the initiative committee. Managed and overseen on a voluntary basis in the canton by over 20,000 committee members, coaches, and referees, sports is a very significant phenomenon and social cornerstone. Today, with approximately 8.5 million francs per year, sports and physical activity account for less than 0.1% of the annual Vaudois cantonal budget! We aim for this share to increase to 1%. This initiative, which has gathered 24,000 signatures, will be put to a popular vote.


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